My Friend Philip’s Vision

One Friday evening in early December 2001 at John’s Pizzaria on West 45, my friend Philip Schwalb shared his vision with me.

“There are over 250 museum’s on the island of Manhattan. None of them are dedicated to sports,” he said. The bulb went on. He intended to build a new museum for sport in New York City. The Hall of Halls he dubbed it. He described how the rooms would be themed. “The floor of the hockey room would be white and slick with blue and red lines. The basketball room would be in parquet as a nod to the great Boston Celtic teams.”

Phil pursued his dream, often are great personal expense in every way.

Earlier this month the Sport Museum of America opened its doors. We were there cheering Philip on. Nice work, my friend, well done.

Create your vision. The book of Proverbs notes, “Without vision, the people perish.”