Insights Session – Building Community: A New Paradigm

At Sage’s partner conference, Insights, I will be presenting a session entitled Building Community (GEN16)  on Tuesday, May 12th at 2:15pm.

In order to begin the conversation even before the conference begins, I am posting the abstract and inviting all possible participants to share their ideas and questions.

This session will be dedicated to the possibility that we can create deep meaningful communities among all the stakeholders in our businesses – customers, employees, vendors, et al. Creating such communities is hard work and not for everyone. It requires us to think differently than we have in the past. What has to change is not external. We are the ones who must change. You are hereby invited to open a dialogue on a new model for building community by Ed Kless and business partner Joe Santoro who will co-facilitate this session

The applications of the ideas to be presented in the session are endless, however, you need to be a conceptual thinker.

This is a heady topic, but necessary if we hope to improve both ourselves and society. In order to prepare for our dialogue, I would recommend reading Peter Block’s Community: The structure of belonging. If you cannot read the whole book, please read the chapter headings in italics.

Also, please post thoughts, questions, comments below.

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