Follow up – The Last Roundup: So what and who cares?

Thanks to all of you who participated in the session at Insights entitled The Last Roundup: So what and who cares?

Those of you who were there remember I asked you to submit one objective you plan to execute on as an outcome of Insights 2009. The table below displays the initials of the person (I), their objective, the estimate completion date (ECD) and the actual completion date (ACD).

For those of you who gave me more than one I only posted your first listed objective. If you did not give me an estimated completion date, I took the liberty of assigning one to you.





AO Get on Twitter 5/31/09  
JS Build an online customer community 6/15/09  
AS Create a marketing calendar 6/15/09  
EB Create a written set of objectives that are communicated to all employees 8/31/09  
KJ Implement a project plan for Act! 7/1/09  
KO Improve referral program 8/31/09  
LR Increase our centers of influence by 50% 9/1/09  
AT Renew our value proposition and post it in the office 6/30/09  
WG Employee satisfaction survey 6/15/09  
BT Create a referral marketing system 6/30/09  
SC Redo website navigation 9/30/09  
SM Have issues and objectives for all projects, both internal and client-based 8/1/09  
JK Corporate Facebook Page 5/31/09  
TD Social networking 6/30/09  
SR Stop being motivated by fear 6/30/09  
JC Get on social media sites 7/31/09  
EK This post 5/22/09 5/21/09
EK Get some face time with my new boss 6/30/09  


Please email me when you have completed your objective and I will update the post.

My Insights Sessions

Here are the sessions that I am facilitating or on a panel. Please note the the 4pm session on Tuesday is only open to folks who have already attended Value Pricing (now Pricing with Purpose) Boot Camp.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
11:00 AM Governor’s B GEN12 – Issues List Management (or How to Replace Time Sheets With Something That Actually Matters to Your Customers)
2:15 PM Governor’s C GEN16 – Building Community: A New Paradigm
4:00 PM Bayou B GEN23 – For Value Pricing Boot Camp Alumni Only
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
8:15 AM Canal E GEN25 – Around Your Business in 60 Minutes
9:30 AM Governor’s C GEN28 – The Two A’s of Consulting: Authenticity and Altruism

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1:30 PM Presidential C&E GEN34 – Moving Toward the Firm of the Future
3:15 PM Presidential C&E GEN37 – The Last Roundup: So What and Who Cares?

Pricing is not pretty

Setting price is more art than science. It is often times messy business, but it is always an incredible exercise in creativity.

This video is presented tongue in check, but as those of you who have set price using pricing on purpose will see, it sure feels like this sometimes.