Nothing Else to Do

I had a brief, but funny conversation with an attendee of the AICPA Tech+ Conference is Las Vegas earlier this week.

After moderating a panel entitled The Firm of the Future, he broached me during the coffee break and said, “You know, Ed, the funny thing about time and billing systems in many accounting firms is that they tend to collapse during the pressure of tax season. Of course, that is when we are the most profitable.”

I laughed, but he continued, “Sometimes I think we enter our time sheets during non-busy time because we have nothing else to do.”

3 thoughts on “Nothing Else to Do

  1. Very insightful of that attendee. Wonder if there is truth to it. Maybe they should go play some golf or take a client to breakfast.

  2. I agree. Very insightful. I would suggest using the “down time” in giving value add to those clients who need a little guidance or direction in substantiating themselves in the marektplace. For instance, create blog and twitter that give the client insightful tips on what to do and NOT to do in regards to the world of taxes and accounting!

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