Virtual Seminar: Basics of Project Management

I will delivering a seminar on Second Life on the Basics of Project Management through the Maryland Association of CPAs on Friday, July 17, 2009 ay 1pm ET.


This course is designed as an introduction to project management for individuals who are involved with projects (customer engagements) but have no formal project management training.


Help the participants gain some basic project management skills

Major Topics:

  • The difference between goals and objectives
  • Three foundational assumptions of every project
  • The triangle of truth
  • A basic understanding of risks
  • The change request

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved on projects (customer engagements)



If you plan on attending, please register and make sure you have created your Second Life avatar in advance.

3 thoughts on “Virtual Seminar: Basics of Project Management

  1. Ed, you are such a star. Is there any subject that you can’t teach? And make it interesting and fun and actionable? And via any medium – web, live, now Second Life. Are you also good at chess? I think I’m starting to hate you.

  2. I used to be good at Chess, but it has been a long time.

    BTW – Thanks for the compliment, Ms. “I’ve-been-mentioned-in-a-Seth-Godin-book.” The same could be said of you! Except I could never hate you, you too funny! I like all funny people.

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