Al the Plumber Gets It

Today, we received our 2009/2010 Allen Community PhoneBook (the book formerly know as the Yellow Pages). With the proliferation of Google and the Web, these books usually make a 10 second trek through the house and land directly in the recycle bin. This one, however, had a advertisement from Al the Plumber. I can’t vouch for his work,  but I sure like his pricing practices.

Go Al!


My thinks to Christine, my wife, for pointing this out. In fact, I have not yet actually seen this in person. I plan on tearing off the cover and depositing the rest of the book in the green bin.

4 thoughts on “Al the Plumber Gets It

  1. An artilce by Ed always get’s my attention. So I had to check out Big Al. Agreed Mr. Kless, he get’s it. This path of value, and pricing is one that desrves great “dialog”, among many. As I have and continue to travle down hte “path”, there is much I have leaarned, and MUCH I have to learn. Which raises many questions, here is one…is Al doing value or fixed?

  2. Thanks, Tim for your comment. I would say that what Al is doing technically would be considered “menu pricing.” This technique sets a fixed price for certain specific services. For example, unclog a kitchen drain, $50.

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