Thinking About My Dentist

What if you would refuse to accept any new customers unless they were referred to you but another customer? Would your leads dry up? If so, your new business problem is not marketing related, it is your service. FIX IT!

The lesson here is that if you are not getting active referrals from customers, your service ain’t great. The only thing more customers is going to do is put you out of business faster.

Imagine if your new customers, like my dentists, come from 100 percent referral sources. Do you think you could charge a premium? Do you at least think that discounting would go away?

It is time to take some stock and ask – Are we really as good as we think we are? If not, it is time to fix your service.

2 thoughts on “Thinking About My Dentist

  1. Similar thing with a woman who used to do my hair. She was skilled, she charged higher than most, she was flexible with regard to scheduling (not missing scheduled appointments but rather working with me around my travel schedule — maybe coming in an hour ealier) and she wouldn’t take anyone unless they were recommended by an existing customer or another sylist.

    She was very clear in what she expected from the new customer and would tell the referrer, “please don’t recommend your friend if you think they will miss appointments, because I will not reschedule them…ever.”

    She was always booked. She loved her customers. Her customers loved her.

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