Reason to kill time sheets #17

In reply to a conversation with a member of VeraSage I wrote a really good paragraph and I thought I would share since it is TLFT (too long for Twitter).

One of the issues (with tracking time) is vagueness which is the enemy of accountability. Getting people to define the results is hard work; time sheets allow managers to be precise about the effort expected while leaving the results entirely vague. Thus someone who bills many hours can be considered a hero or an idiot depending on what the manager thinks of them.

One thought on “Reason to kill time sheets #17

  1. A friend who wishes to remain anonymous adds:

    “As we’ve tried to explain to our thick as a whale omelet, martinet, & thankfully soon to be former boss: why should it matter if we come in at 8:05 instead of 8:00 if all required goals have been and more often than not exceeded? Then he wonders why nobody wants to put in anything beyond the required 8 hours, turnover is so high, and morale is so low.

    Ah, education and politics: two crappy tastes that taste even worse together.”

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