Pricing question number 9

or Why my lovely wife does not want me to go shopping with her.

At a recent trip to the mall, the whole family wondered into an Ann Taylor Loft. Actually, Christine wandered in, I just obediently followed. While she was looking around, I noticed three signs above adjacent racks.

The first offered two tee-shirts for $30 or $19.50 each.


The second, right next to it offered two tee-shirts for $30, but no mention of individual price and the third rack had individual tee-shirts for $15 each.


Any thoughts as to why? I have an idea, but will hold off posting it for a few days.

You should have seen her face when I was taking these pictures. The salespeople at the store were a little perplexed as well.

4 thoughts on “Pricing question number 9

  1. obfuscation.

    Or more likely, the sales staff had put up the incorrect signage.

    My lovely wife has started to take me shopping with her again after a big gap. I think she has found I cannot take being there that long that I will tell her to buy whatever she wants…

  2. Kevin, I am with you, probably incorrect signage and me reading waaaay too much into it. However, if it is, in fact, intentional, I think the answer is positioning the 2 for $30, 1 for 19.50 as the better deal. They seemed to have more of them and were probably trying to move them out.

    Thanks to all for answering.

  3. I would go with both positioning and staff error. They are trying to position the 2 for $30 as the best value.

    All I really know is that if you attach something free my wife is all over it like a hungry dog on a T-bone!

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