April is turning out to be a big month

First, I received word that an online comment I made on a Harvard Business Review blog post would be printed in the magazine.


For those of you that can’t make it out, my 15 seconds of fame reads, “Business ain’t science.” I told the copy editor that I had more to offer than that and that I usually am grammatically correct, but they did not seem interested. “No, your thought really says quite a lot.” Uh-huh…

Next, my article on using project management to replace the timesheet finally made it into the Journal of Accountancy. Please comment there as I would love to get a big long string going.

Could it be that the Mets getting out of the gate strongly? I can only hope!

4 thoughts on “April is turning out to be a big month

  1. Ed – I’m thinking that’s the title of the book you’re going to write. “Business ain’t Science”

    Of course, you will need the “after-colon” add-on. May I suggest:

    Business ain’t Science: One man’s struggle to free professional workers from the tyranny of the billable hour.

    Something like that… 😉

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