Licensing – Is it necessary?

While watching John Stossel last week, I was suddenly interested in how the idea of licensing and/or certification as we call it in the software implementation industry. Please review this five minute video and share your thoughts.

How does the fact the software publishers in a sense regulate the market effect you, your businesses and even your customers?

2 thoughts on “Licensing – Is it necessary?

  1. Apples & Oranges, Ed. Government is a hot button, but there is no comparision to governement regulation and private enterprise branding. With that said the judge is spot on – laws do not protect the public from fraud.

    But in free enterprise, businesses agree to sell pulishers software under certain conditions. After all it is the publishers brand. True capitalists understand that if a publisher becomes unreasonable or determental to sales, they have to make a choice. Those choices have been the reason for many excellent products coming to market, and therefore good for all of us. Unlike government regulation that attempts to keep things from changing – GM ring a bell?

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