Insights Session – Enhancing Your Customers Experience

On Tuesday, May 18th at 3:15pm at Sage North America’s annual partner conference, Insights, I will be co-presenting a session with Apryl Hanson of Blytheco entitled Enhancing Your Customers Experience (GEN54).

This session will be dedicated to the possibility that we can create deep, meaningful experiences for customers. Creating such experiences is hard work and not for everyone. It requires us to think differently than we have in the past. We are the ones who must change, not our customers. You are hereby invited by myself and Apryl to open a dialogue on a new model for building customer experiences.

image For those of you who plan on attending the session, please comment below with any thoughts or questions that you would especially like me to address during our time together.

5 thoughts on “Insights Session – Enhancing Your Customers Experience

  1. I’m interested in the “value-based” aspects of the implementation experience (from a customer’s perspective). How (and when) do we position or present the proposed services which will facilitate this supreme customer experience?

  2. I would like to focus on the new and different. Many of us have discussed the customer experience in the past and we tend to look at things from our point of view and not from the customers. I am happy that we will be focused on what customers are looking for and not what we think they are looking for. Some “quick hits” for the group would be great. Thanks Ed!

  3. Ralyn and Jeff, thanks for your comments. Apryl and I plan to address these issues at the session.

    Ralyn, the short answer to your question is, “Immediately and always.”

    Jeff, the short answer to your question is, “Ask them, through a customer advisory board or, as we will discuss in the session, in an on-going plan to survey your customers.

  4. I love the idea of a customer advisory board. We’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a top level customer event as a chance to put our top client officers together, as opposed to a user group meeting that never seems to take off or surveys that don’t always get answered. Our clients are spread out geographically so I’d like to hear more thoughts on this.

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