Insights Session – The Parting Glass: So what and who cares?

On Thursday, May 20th at 9:15am at Sage North America’s annual partner conference, Insights, I will be presenting a session entitled The Parting Glass: So what and who cares? (GEN22).

In this last session of the conference, join me in a no-holds-barred look back at what you have learned at Insights 2010 and what your intentions are when you get back to the office. Be prepared to submit at least one item for which you wish to have the rest of the group hold you accountable.

For those of you who plan on attending the session, note that I will be asking you to post your commitment to the group as a comment on this post. Please include:

  • A brief description of your commitment
  • A date when you plan on achieving it

6 thoughts on “Insights Session – The Parting Glass: So what and who cares?

  1. I will document best practices for the sales process and project management for the WAC Consulting Group, including written procedures, document templates and examples of completed documents. Due date is June 30 for Sales and July 31 for project management

  2. We will document the benefits of the combined Customer and Partner conference next year in Washington DC in July. Reach out to all our customers and inform them by the end of this July. Promote the conference with the goal of 5-10 customers from Washington State attending. Utilize the tools that will be provided by the Sage marketing team. We will also promote this to other WAC Consulting Group members.

  3. I will communicate with Tom Miller with the intent of sharing with him the importance of Sage Leadership Academy, its existing content and the investment in time. I will challenge the premise that you can obtain even a fraction of the value in one day road show events. I hope to convince him that Sage’s Executive Team can convince their Partners to participate in worthy programs. But he needs to be an evangelist.

  4. My plan is to bring the Extraordinary Customer Experience to my entire team. Customer Satisfaction is a large part of our culture at Huckstep & Associates, but I feel that we need to reinforce that concept again, and bring it to the absolutely forefront of our thinking every day that we interact with a customer.

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