What I Believe Redux

Two weeks ago, in a post entitled, What I Believe, I put forward a declaration. It went thusly:

I believe in challenging the status quo. The way I challenge the status quo is helping professionals change their business model from a focus on service to a focus on knowledge. It happens to be a better model. Are you interested in changing?

In the fortnight since that post, I have been tweaking it in my mind and I am please to put forward this updated declaration.

I believe that small business is where the vast majority of the wealth of the world is created. I help small professional businesses recognize that they do this through developing and sharing their knowledge. It is a great model. Do you want to know more?

I am curious as to what your thoughts are about this. Did any of you make a declaration? If so, are you willing to share it below? What are your thoughts on my declarations? Do you think the second is an improvement?

4 thoughts on “What I Believe Redux

  1. i think Simon’s book is valuable as well. i liked your first version better, even though I am not sure i agree with your belief, but’s that OK, i’m not your target.
    your second is preaching to the converted.
    it might be better to say that you challenge the view that small business can grow more profitable by focusing on knowledge sharing instead of customer service.
    hope it helps

  2. I agree with your idea of developing a business model that focuses on delivering knowledge. Contemplating your idea has led me to the following questions. Perhaps you can answer the questions I pose. 1. How does a company identify economically viable knowledge that could be developed? 2. How does that company then evaluate those knowledge areas to find the most profitable knowledge in which to invest?

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    @JJones – I would say the answer to you first question is – follow your passion. There is no use developing knowledge if you are not passionate about the subject, even if you think others will need it. Alan Weiss says, “passion plus confidence equals success” and it must be in that order. He is right. The answer to question two (assuming passion for the knowledge) is to ask customers and potential customers what they are looking for. Ultimately, capitalism is based on an external, not an internal focus. In order to success individual and companies must ask, “What can we do for others?”

    @Damian – I appreciate your thoughts. I like the idea of the focus on knowledge sharing rather than customer service, since “customer service” is a status quo word. You have given me something to think about. Thanks.

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