What I Believe

I have been wanting to write this post for over a week.

While the video below is nothing new, it does a great job of explaining and relating concepts I have known to be true.


It has inspired me to make this declaration.

I believe in challenging the status quo. The way I challenge the status quo is helping professionals change their business model from a focus on service to a focus on knowledge. It happens to be a better model. Are you interested in changing?

Please feel free to make your declaration below in the comments.

5 thoughts on “What I Believe

  1. Yes Knowledge comes first. Know thyself first. Learn to learn faster so you can be more dynamic, understand quicker and absorb change. Then with Knowledge you can learn how to be bring more value to relationships and thus provide a better level of service to become remarkable! That’s what I believe.

  2. I respectfully disagree, Knowledge does not come first. I believe this guy is explaining that passion comes first. Do what you are passionate about and the service will naturally follow – along with others who share the same passion.
    We follow Ed Kless because he is passionate about what he does, and that has led him to be very knowledgable and driven to be more so. And we follow because we share the same personal thrist.

  3. @Rob…disagreeing over which comes first knowledge or passion is kind of like the chicken vs the egg argument. You are both correct …Dick knowledgeable and Rob passionate…both good things. Add to that the words work, good, focus, push, serve, idea’s and persistence. I stole these from another Ted Video. All just words unless and until you put them into action.

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