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A Sage Partner and friend of mine, Steve Bond from TAG, sent me an example of pricing options he received from the a local paper. The options were as follows and presented in this exact order:

  • 1 Year Online & Print Subscription $149.00
  • 2 Year Online & Print Subscription $385.39
  • 6 Months Online & Print Subscription $148.34
  • 3 Months Online & Print Subscription $83.74

Two questions: 1) Do you think this was intentional or just haphazard? Why or why not? and 2) Which option would you have chosen?

Note: This post has been altered from its original per a request.

10 thoughts on “Price Options for a Newspaper

  1. Wow. Multiple things going through my head right now, but here are my main points:

    1) Really sloppy. I don’t think this is it, but of course a possibility.
    2) They really want immediate cash for a short term (1 year) and are displaying rates in a manner to drive people to that one option.
    3) They don’t expect people to go for the two-year option, or they have studied their sub rates and predict they will need to charge that much as subscribers drop off their lists in favor of other sources.

    As for which I would choose? Probably none of the above. I am all about online reading, from multiple sources, and I love to research background info. Being confined to one source and having to pay for it? Not my cup of tea, or should I say, there is no VALUE here for me.

  2. The one year. Probably intentional, but I don’t get their reasoning for the two year option. Obviously it’s designed to push you towards the one year option, but why not price the two year option to be appealing too?

  3. In my opinion, I think it is just sloppy. If it is intentional, I would love to interview the pricer. He or she is operating at a level way above my capacity for price presentation.

  4. Interesting… after seeing all of the typos in today’s papers I think it was an oversight. But Wayne might be right and this is a ploy to drive you to the first entry. I would probably but the one year and then try to re-sell it for $250. And yes, I would also let them pay $50/month for 12 months.

  5. I agree with Wayne. After looking at the looking at the price going up, that one year really appeals to you. And if the paper really appeals to you, the child feels good about making that decision – hey, we got a good deal!

    I think they want one year subscriptions, thinking it will be easier to keep them after they’ve got them.Then again, we could be over thinking this and they are just slobs.

  6. I’m with John D. None of those options have any value. Read as many newspapers as you want online for free.

    In 5 – 10 years there will only be 3 newspapers in the US. The NY Times, WSJ and USA Today.

  7. This could not have been intentional, someone did not review their work – unless Ed, is this one of your trick questions and we should consider some sort of value price for 2 years!!?? Would have picked the one-year option.

  8. We have an answer. Bill Kizer writes me:

    Typo. How do I know for sure? I called the (paper) & spoke with the advertising director who asked me not to use her name.

    What’s funny about this is that this is the first that it’s been brought to her attention, so either no one is interested in paying for a subscription OR no one is reading any part of the publication.

  9. Regardless, they should have offered an extra “what’s in it for me” like “1 Year Online & Print Subscription plus Digital Shopping Coupons” or something.

    Or better yet, keep one price / one year offer and break it down into categories:

    Sports Package
    Business Package
    Coupon Package

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