Really! A Patent for Cost-Plus Pricing! Really!

My friend and Sage business partner Gary Crouch from CS3 Technology in Tulsa, OK sent me this story from the Tulsa Business Journal.

The article details the fact that a local company Fee Technology Inc. has acquired a patent for “a mathematical process for creating a direct relationship between the prices charged to the cost structure of a business.”

Correct me if I am wrong, it is called cost-plus pricing and the patented process is called multiplication.

The Most Effective Email Ever

Today, the most effective email I have ever received arrived in my inbox at 1:13pm CT.

The email was from a co-worker at Sage that I have never met face to face. Amber Kenyon is the senior strategic account manager for partner programs and works out the Richmond, BC office. One of her duties is working on the Simply Accounting partner conference, Simple Partnership at which I am a planned speaker.

It seems there has been decision to obtain special shirts for Sage team members and Amber was charged with obtaining the shirt sizes. Instead of the standard email asking for my size, Amber sent me this instead:

Good Morning Simply Staff,

I am extremely excited to let you know that you have been recognized as members of the staff to attend our Simply Partnership Conference in October. In efforts to ensure that we are organized before the event, I am going to ask you to submit your shirt size to me by tomorrow (Friday, August 13th) to ensure we get the correct size. The shirt will most likely be a golf type shirt to help you imagine yourself in it. If you do not reply by tomorrow I will have to guess and this is what you may end up with.


I will be starting to send out more information in the next couple of weeks in regards to a schedule, presentation tools and other key bits that you will need to ensure that you are ready to go in October so stay tuned…

Have a great day everyone!

Amber Kenyon
Senior Strategic Account Manager, Partner Programs
Suite 120 – 13888 Wireless Way
Richmond, BC, V6V 0A3

That, my friends, is an effective email!

I responded with my size, large, in record time. Her email is fun, witty and  has had the desired effect (at least on me) – a quick response.

Kudos Amber!

A Fair Price?

A recent video from noted the word fair in English has few direct translations in other languages. This was fascinating to me being a lover of etymologies, but it also got me to thinking about the expression fair price.

Take a look at the video and please comment on your thoughts about what is a fair price to you?