My Sessions at Summit 2011

With registration going live for Sage’s partner and customer conference Summit 2011, I thought it would be helpful for those who might be attending to have a list of my sessions.

In the table below, session codes beginning with P are for Partners and those beginning with C are for customers. Sessions that are repeated for both partners and customers have two codes and two day, time combinations.

Code Session Title Day, Time
P-CHN15 Ed Kless’ Session on Advanced Consulting (or Beethoven’s Night Out) Sunday, 1pm


Advanced Topics on Setting Price (with Ron Baker) Monday, 11am


Creating a Great Scope Document Tuesday, 8:45am


Killing the Timesheet: Yes It Can Be Done (panel moderator) Tuesday, 2pm


Creating Shared Vision in the Small Business Wednesday, 8:30am


Creating Strategy in the Small Business Wednesday, 10:15am


Project Initiation: How to properly initiation a project in a small business (with John Shaver) Thursday, 1:15pm


In Defense of Business

Thursday, 3pm


In addition, here are some other sessions that are being presented by friends and colleagues, that if I were you, I would attend.

Code Session Title Day and Time
P-CHN14 and        C-CHN07 Will, Skill, and Drill: How to Sell More Than You Ever Thought Possible (Rob Johnson) Monday, 11am and Thursday, 10:15am


Baker’s Dozen: The 12 Business Books You Must Read and Why (Ron Baker) Monday, 2:15pm

P-CHN11 and        C-CHN11

Understanding Emotional Triangles: A New Leadership Mental Model (Howard Hansen and Steve Geske) Monday, 4pm and Wednesday, 1:30pm


Putting Sage Consulting Academy to Work in Your Organization (John Shaver) Tuesday, 10am


Selling in a Competitive Environment: A Primer (Rob Johnson) Tuesday, 2pm


Basics of Selling (Rob Johnson) Wednesday, 8:30am


Turning Your Customers’ Experience Into a Competitive Advantage (Dennis Frahmann) Thursday, 10:15am


Customer Panel: Developing an Internal ROI Document Thursday, 4:30pm

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