Hedgehog Revisited

Last week while delivering a Sage Business Strategy Workshop, the group had a dialogue about Jim Collins’ Hedgehog Principle (aka BHAG). I shot a brief video about the conversation. (Sorry, about the sound sync problem. I am still working some of this technology out.)


I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. What do you think of the idea of looking at the three bisections?
  2. Are the names we have developed correct? If not, what might you propose.

Here is a better view of the diagram. (Au is the periodic table abbreviation for gold. MM is maintenance mode.)


“Being You” as a job description

As a Met fan I received a brief human interest story in my RSS reader about former Met great Rusty Staub. The gist of the story was about some of the younger players being cut and that Rusty only experienced that once in his career as a 17-year old with the then Houston Colt 45s.

There was, however, this great line, “He [Staub] still works for the Mets, with his job description ‘Being Rusty Staub.’ No one else handles that assignment quite so well.”

I really think we should all subscribe to a similar job description. It sets a bar for us to be self-differentiated and confident in our own skin.

I might just order some business cards with “Being Ed Kless” as my title.

Texas Travelers’ Dignity Acts

I salute State Representative David Simpson (R-Longview) who has introduced three bills to the Texas House this week.

HB 1937 with 21 co-authors will make it a crime in Texas for a person to touch specific private areas of the body during a search unless there is probable cause to believe the person committed an offense.

HB 1938 will prohibit whole body scanners that depict the “virtually stripped” images in airports in Texas.

HCR 80 expresses the Texas Legislature’s strong opposition to unwarranted and unreasonable searches by TSA and urging the administration to cease them immediately.

Visit www.SupportDignity.com to find out how you can help the effort to defend our HUMAN right to be secure in our persons from unreasonable search!

Fellow Texans, I encourage you to find out who represents you and call their office.