Super Sunday Sales Session at Summit

(A lot of alliteration, huh.)

My friend and colleague, Rob Johnson, will be speaking on what we at Sage have deemed Super Sunday. His topic is 5 Steps to Radical Business Growth. Here is the abstract:

Creating an environment of sustained superior growth within a business isn’t easy. In fact, it is hard. The result of that hard reality is that most businesses fail to achieve the business growth and success they desire. If you’re not reaching your full potential; either as a salesperson or a business owner—and you want to achieve greater success—plan on attending this dynamic session. To change the arc of your business’s potential, and achieve the results you desire, you need to follow a few simple plan—a 5 step plan. Attendees will receive an autographed copy of Rob’s book, a serious success plan, and the skills and tools needed to a make 2011 the most successful year ever.


imageRob is a 14 year veteran of Sage. Currently, he serves as head of our channel programs and readiness. Many of you know him from the Sage Sales Academy, an award winning training program that has helped thousands of salespeople change the trajectory of their careers.

Last year, Rob authored and released the book Kick Your Own Ass; The Will, Skill & Drill of Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible.

If you have any thoughts or questions for Rob about his session, feel free to email him at

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