On Sage’s Customer Loyalty Program

NB: This is for Sage Partners only. The rest of you can hit delete.

The Customer Loyalty Program is perhaps the best program that we (Sage) have available. I am constantly surprised at how few partners take advantage of this free program. All you need to do is Enroll in the Sage Customer Loyalty Program by September 16, 2011.

The program provides you access to a powerful surveying tool that will be deployed to your customers With this vital information you can develop strategies to improve customer retention and loyalty.

Here is a Top 10 list developed by Diana Waterman who runs the program for us.

Top 10 Reasons why you don’t want to miss out on the CLP

  • You’ll find out how your customers really feel about your organization.
  • There is no cost to participate because Sage is picking up the tab.
  • Sage’s third party vendor administers the survey on your behalf.
  • You’ll have access to a dashboard that will enable you to view results from each of your individual clients.
  • You can customize your survey by selecting from a bank of additional survey questions that match your business offerings and add them to the standard questions.
  • See how you stack up against your peers and compare yours ranking results against overall partner benchmark for the product lines that you carry.
  • You’ll get a Customer Loyalty Program Workbook that will help you understand the concept of the Net Promoter survey, the scores, and how to make the most of it for your business.
  • You can compare your scores year-over-year.
  • You have an opportunity to win one of four President’s Circle Customer Excellence Award spots for the highest promoter scores in an eligible product line category.

We only off this program once per year. Don’t miss the September 16 enrollment deadline. Complete the Customer Loyalty Program online Enrollment Form today! Log on to the Sage Partner Marketing Resource Center and select the Partner Programs tab.

If you have any questions about the Sage Customer Loyalty Program, please contact  Diana Waterman at 703-443-6584.


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