On Coming to Sage Consulting Academy Even Though You Do Not Think You Should Have To Go Because You Have Been Doing This For 20 Years And It Will Be A Complete Waste Of Your Time

Recently, a class that I have been delivering, he Sage Consulting Academy, has become a requirement for certification for some Sage business partners.

While this post will seem like I am, as my Mom would say, “tooting my own horn,” I am posting it because it is a fairly common reaction for many seasoned consultants. This is especially true for those of you who suddenly face the need to take this class now that is is a requirement.

The following is the unedited evaluation of Susan Cardoza from Sysera.

What did you hope to gain from participating in the experience?  What did you bring to the dialog?

I came in skeptical that this course would add any value to my consulting skills.  I told myself on the first day to participate as little as possible and to just listen.  Well, as you saw, I wholeheartedly participated.  Hopefully, I brought something of value to the class; more importantly, I took away much from the other class members.

When were you the most anxious or fearful?  Why?

I was extremely anxious on Thursday early morning, 4:00am, because I lay awake thinking “How am I going to transition?  What about my Friday overview meeting with a new lead?  What if I say ‘prescription before diagnosis = malpractice’ and decline to give an implementation price, what will happen?”  So much of what you said resonated with my spirit, but I still wanted to scream out “Will you be my mentor?  Can I e-mail you documents & obtain your feedback?”  I own my Company, the buck stops with me, change starts with me.  I haven’t had a mentor in over 20 years.  Now I know you can’t mentor a thousand business partners, but boy did I want to scream out, help me, pick me.  Rather frightening, as I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

When were you the most inspired or ecstatic?  Why?

Clearly, I had moments of inspiration because I determined it was more valuable for Kelley & Denice to attend your class than Sage Insights next year.  I will invest in their education to make sure they are on the same page as me.  It will take a team effort to move away from the insanity of “billable” hours.  They will be ecstatic to be released from the obligation to prepare time sheets.

What did you learn about yourself?

You took me out of my comfort zone, you made me think differently.  Clearly, you were saying “Come on in, the water’s fine.”  Those that are already in the “pool” are always more comfortable than those who are hot & sweaty outside of the “pool”.  Obviously, I liked my way of doing things, but a change is coming.

On a scale of 0-10, what is the likelihood that you would recommend this class to a colleague?  10, assuming 10 is most likely.

Would you like the instructor to evaluate your participation at this class?  Yes

May we use your name as a reference for this class?  Yes

May we use your comments as a testimonial?  Yes, if you want


Wow!  After 23 years and many successful implementations, I thought I knew how to lead a project.  Well I was partially right, in that I can successfully lead a flat-fee based project; however, a value based project at a flat fee takes me back to “consulting kindergarten”.   It is a new way to think and a new way to communicate.  You taught this old dog some new tricks.

Value to you:  I think MasterCard says it best “Priceless”

My deepest thanks to Susan for allowing me to post this. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the Academy, please feel free to email me.

6 thoughts on “On Coming to Sage Consulting Academy Even Though You Do Not Think You Should Have To Go Because You Have Been Doing This For 20 Years And It Will Be A Complete Waste Of Your Time

  1. I have worked with Susan for years and appreciate her candor and sincerity. To get such an endorsement from her, you should be very happy!

    PS. Susan needs to join the Yammer group and have access to dozens of mentors and peers!

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  3. Hi Ed:

    I need to get my consulting academy completed by year end but with medical issues in my family heading to Dallas is very difficult. Is there another way to accomplish this? Online or purchase the class notes so I can challenge the exam? I live in Northwestern Ontario in Canada so anyplace in Canada is better for me. Thanks in advance.!

  4. Peter K, I am sorry to hear about your family situation and I hope for quick healing.

    You can try to test out, but materials are not available.

    We delivered the class four times in Canada in 2012, twice in Toronto and twice in Vancouver. There are no plans to deliver it in Canada this fiscal year.

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