Introducing Ed’s List

I have been wanting to do this for quite sometime, but I finally have put together what I call Ed’s List.

Simply put, it is a list of the IT (information technology) professional knowledge firms of which I am aware who:

  • Offer only fixed price agreements and do not bill by the time unit
  • Have eliminated timesheets for all professionals.
  • Offer a service guarantee.

The list can be found at or by clicking the link for the list located at the top right of this blog.

If you or someone you know belongs on the list, please let me know and I will add them forthwith.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Ed’s List

  1. Ed – this is great – will we have an awards ceremony of some sort at the next get together? Most likely Nashville / Summit?

    At least we can share a round of drinks in the hotel bar?

    Also – I believe Plus – Glen Mund and Wendy Gorrie, et. al. should be on the list. Might want to double-check with them but based on their postings and blog articles, I’m pretty sure they are good candidates.

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