If you say “Value Billing” you are already wrong

So today, I have heard or read the phrase “value billing” about a dozen times and I decided to write a rant post about it, only to discover that I had already written one almost three years ago.

Bottom line, if you say “value billing” you are already wrong.

2 thoughts on “If you say “Value Billing” you are already wrong

  1. I’ll go a step further, Ed. “Value Billing” exposes both a focus on the vendor, and an implication of low price!

    The key feature to the customer is the fixed-price part. They don’t care about our billings, only their price.

    And how many times have you picked up a good deal at a “value days” sale, or on the “value table”?

    Talk to the customer in his/her language if you want to communicate (silently) that you care about their value proposition.

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