A Legal, Perhaps, Ethical Gedanken

Disclaimer: I do not believe that the law and ethical behavior are always in alignment with each other.

Now, my thought experiment:

First, a neighbor implies to you that he would have preferred that you had never moved in next door by saying, “I wish that you were removed from the pages of time.”

Second, he purchases a gun.

Next, you have heard that he is looking to purchase a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

Assume that these are legal to possess. In fact, you have these weapons as well.

Are you within your rights to fire your weapons first? If so, why?

One thought on “A Legal, Perhaps, Ethical Gedanken

  1. I highly recommend firing the weapons as soon as possible to test their effectiveness, but not at the neighbor. After all, what good is a weapon that might not work? Less good than no weapon at all in my opinion. Casually mention to the neighbor that these weapons do work. It may prevent a further escalation.

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