A Story about My Grandfather

My grandfather had an expression he used to use on occasions such as a beautiful early Fall evening.

“I wonder what the poor people are doing?”

Now this might strike you as odd, extraordinarily glib, or even downright insulting. It was not.

It was actually meant as a reminder to take pleasure in the wonder of life. His implication was that we, my family, were “the rich.” Financially, I can assure you, we were anything but.

We were, however, rich in health (mostly), in spirit, and, most importantly, in love!

“The poor people” in my grandfather’s heuristic expression, were those who lacked this richness in spirit and love.

On those evenings he felt blessed, and his expression and his attitude about life, live with me to this day.

“I wonder what the poor people are doing?”

8 thoughts on “A Story about My Grandfather

  1. Some cultures, many now long dilluted, believe the key relationship in community is between grandparents and grandchildren. This is where the real transfer of elder wisdom occurs. Some native cultures viewed parents as little more than “delivery vehicles”. Your memory, Ed, reminds me of my grandfather’s private time with me on a Top Ten U.S. trout stream in Wisconsin, where I learned to tie and cast flies.Of all my grandparents, this man was the least formally educated — and the most wise. Thanks for the gift your story brings.

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