Leadership Lessons from a Great Mom

So your seven-year old son has been working diligently on his homework sheet due on Friday all during the week. He even got most of it done on Wednesday even because he knew he had baseball practice on Thursday night and would not be able to do it.

He decides early Friday morning to add a few embellishments in color to give it that extra something, but unfortunately, he leaves it behind on the kitchen counter. Shown here.


On your way out the door, you notice the paper, do you:

  1. pick it up and give it to your son.
  2. gently remind him he left his paper on the counter.
  3. walk past it and leave it lie.
  4. walk past it, leave it lie and shush your husband who will likely see it and come running out the door with it.

The obvious and great choice is #4. Thanks, Christine!

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