Putting the MOASQ to work

A while back I wrote a post about what I call the MOASQ or Mother of All Strategic Questions in which I opined that the central focus of any strategy should be about creating customer value, not about generating revenue.

Last week I was working in a consulting role with an organization that shares some space with other groups. As we sat down at the conference table, I was struck by what had been sketched out on the white board by a group who had used the room prior to us. I snapped a photo.

IMG_0117Notice that this clearly illustrates a strategic conversation in which revenue generation was the focal point. Keep in mind, I am not against revenue generation, but it is an effect, not a cause.

I took the liberty of replacing Revenue with Customer value.

IMG_0118My belief is that had this shift been made, the conversation would have been very different than it was. I’ll admit, I do not know the outcome of the previous meeting. It might very well have been extraordinary, but I truly believe it would have been better still had Customer value been on the white board instead.




One thought on “Putting the MOASQ to work

  1. Good point, Ed, but I would suggest furthering the conversation past “Customer Value” to “Customer Value Via Innovation”. This will provide further insight to finding the answer to the question that Kenichi Ohmae’s Strategic Triangle planning framework poses: “Why should your targeted customers select your offering over all their other choices?”

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