Slides from MAX-558 Healing Leadership

Below are the slides from my session at Sage Summit 2014 entitle Healing Leadership. I am indebted to both Howard Hansen and Steve Geske for their remarkable work on this topic and their willingness to allow me to present it. I hope I did it justice.

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In addition, you can by their book, Healing Leadership – A Survival Guide for the Enlightened Leader at Amazon. I give it my personal guarantee, if you do not like it I will buy it back from you.

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  1. Very interesting topic and beneficial. While I am sure it was discussed, in my experience as a business partner and working in the channel, their is movement from one area to next over time. In other words, the leaders of the business either become more present or absent based on the business success or failure over the course of years. In the case of partners, those that share ownership stake in the company, it can become even increasingly challenging as one deals with one “leader” being present and another “absent”. Thanks for sharing a very interesting dynamic and putting some structure to the concepts here.

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