On Floccinaucinihilipilification

As many of you already know, I am sesquipedalian.

However, what I really love is a great word, long or short, in a proper context. To my amusement, a word that is both sesquipedalian and fits into the context of a subject (value or lack thereof) about which a regularly speak popped up in my Facebook stream last week. Many thanks to Shawn Slavin who posted the original link.

For the past few days I have been practicing saying it trippingly on the tongue. With any luck I will be able to break it out this morning as I speak at the AICPA PSTech conference.

Here is my practice sentence – “Timesheets are a great example of floccinaucinihilipilification.”

Everything I Needed to Know about Consulting My Daughter Learned in Kindergarten

As of last Friday, our daughter is a first grader, at least that is what she told me.

Actually, I asked her on the morning of the last day of school, “Cara, when do you become a ‘first grader’? Today after school? Over the summer? In August when you go back to school?”

Without hesistation she stated it was as soon as she left the school building later in the day. She also reminded me that she had mastered the “Rules of Kindergarten” and proceeded to remind me what they were.

If you can’t quite make them out, they are:

  1. Follow directions quickly.
  2. Use helpful hands and words.
  3. Stay on task.
  4. Make smart choices.

Some of you may recall Robert Fulghum’s classic All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. While his sixteen exhortions are pretty dang good advice. I think Cara’s rules take it to the next level with regard to a career in consulting.

My personal favorite in “Stay on task,” mostly because it is the one with which I have the most trouble.