Complete Value Pricing Challenge Video Playlist

The team at Sage Accounting Solutions came up with six challenges that they hear often from professionals as to why they can’t go to value-based pricing.

Fortunately I’m up to the challenge. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Complete Value Pricing Challenge Video Playlist

  1. Hi Ed,

    First and foremost, I really enjoyed your way of looking this topic. The fears that people encounter when trying to make this decision, while logical, shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. And in my mind you have proven that you can always find an answer. Having said that, I do have a question or two for you (which may be followed by more). When you talk about sending out a survey to a small group of customers, how detailed should your questions be? Should you ask about anything related to what you are working to develop, response time/price/etc..? I realize that this is specific to our customer base, but are there any obvious things that may be missed when reaching out? Any insight would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Dominic, thanks for your comments and questions.

      I would make the questions personal, edgy and ambiguous. As I have studied the concept of questioning, I have become convinced that open-ended questions are much better than pointed and specific. For example, I like “What are the crossroads at which you find you and your business?” to be better than something like “What business concerns do you have?”

      If you can develop three to five great questions, I would think that will suffice.

      I hope this gets you started thinking. I would be happy to review whatever you come up with.

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