Video: Creating Strategy in a Small Business

Earlier this week I had the honor to deliver a session at AccountEX in the UK. Here is the video:

And below are the slides:

Some random thoughts on the trip:

  • I was on the ground in London for 30 hours total. As a result, the jet lag was not so bad. I think I caught up with it on the way home.
  • Of the 30 hours on the ground, three of them were spent going from/to Heathrow and the ExCeL Centre. London is not set up for automobile traffic. The 26 mile trip took 90+ minutes each way. That included one half a leg via the Heathrow Express train to the centre of London.
  • On the way back to the airport I passed by Buckingham Palace. My Über driver informed me that the Queen was not at home. Good for her.
  • I am sure the is not reflective of the country in general, but I can honestly say that the best meals I had were on the plane coming and going.
  • I had about 45 people attend the session. I think they liked it. The English are a tough crowd.

4 thoughts on “Video: Creating Strategy in a Small Business

  1. About meals in Britain. My 2nd and last visit to Britain was 20 yrs ago. I specifically wanted to have “English food” to see what that would be. I had a very hard time doing that. There is a reason that foods from various parts of the former Empire are so popular there: even the locals don’t like the local food!

  2. Hey Ed, this was perfect for my hour plus trip to the airport. I don’t know why I need to be constantly reminded the red blood cells are created by the value I provide. I keep worrying if o have enough cells. Having been a scout leader we taught the boys stop, start and continue and it is an excellent model to follow. Great talk

  3. Ed, It was great !!!! And totally gave the ‘why’ behind many strategies we are trying to introduce at Axiom at the moment.

    A few salient points:
    • Firstly for someone who was only the ground for 30 hours you look great!
    • Yes the English are a ‘hard nut to crack”….did they not get your jokes?
    • I did not know the source / origin of the word ‘entrepreneur!’ It seems that John and I are truly in the business of an ‘undertaker” and a ‘risk taker”…so does that make us ‘double entrepreneurs”????
    • Loved Peter Waterman’s 7 S’s of business, great structure!
    • Loved the ‘red blood cell’ analogy, in relation to “purpose” and ‘profit”
    • Strategy is about the future, its creative, and only comes into existence when it is executed! Yes!!
    • Another highlight: “My preference is to be intensely appealing to a small group of people” Rather than ‘moderately appealing to a large group of people”
    • The real MOASQ….fabulous ! and a total shift in paradigm for most business people! Actually ….this is truly “Disruptive’ thinking !
    • Marcus Buckingham’s 12 statements….terrific! Fortunately I do have a best friend at work!
    • Determining the value we have added is a challenge, but one that we need to take up
    • Loved the ‘system for measuring HSD”s!!!
    • Loved your firm and assertive challenge to the English…..” if you are not going to commit, do nothing!” This would have made a few ‘shift’ in their chairs!

    Fabulous job Ed!!! Long may your Ed – Education continue the work of creation by inspiring entrepreneurs who yearn to be challenged to be greater at what they do and are!

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