Trump is Right – they are sh|t-holes

Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump in meeting about the DACA purportedly described the countries of some immigrants as “shit-holes.” If he said this (he now denies it), he was right, they are.

Let me define shit hole. A place where there are no clear property rights, no rules of law, and no effective court system. I will add that place where less than fifty percent of the population does not have access to what the World Health Organization calls “improved sanitation” would also help it qualify.

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The proof of this can be derived from this, perhaps ironic, thought experiment. In Haiti, a worker might receive the equivalent of $1 per hour say driving a taxi. Once they immigrate to the US this could jump to as much as $20 per hour. Why? The amount of labor is the same. What makes driving a taxi in the US 20 times more valuable than driving one in Haiti. Answer, the fact that we are not a “shit-hole country.”

However, the irony is that this serves to reinforce that immigration policy in the United States is inhuman, unjust, immoral, and completely at odds with the founding principles of our great nation.  Any policy that restricts the free flow of human beings violates the rights of the individual with few exceptions.

Our immigration policy should take a cue from history and resurrect the policy that was in place when the vast majority of our ancestors arrived on our shores. As long as a person a) has arranged a place to stay, b) does not have a communicable disease and c) has not been convicted of a violent crime, they should be welcome here.

For those concerned about people arriving and being given government handouts, I submit you have a point albeit one that is not as abused as you probably think. To that end it would be just to eliminate the benefits of those programs (if not in their entirety) to immigrants for a period of time. That said, this does not need to be done first as a condition.

Immoral policies should be eliminated prima face.

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    1. Yes, the places themselves certainly are. Literary, far too many people shit in holes in the ground and not flush toilets. The people themselves, of course, are deserving of dignity and respect.

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