Sage Partner Consulting Workshops

Yesterday, in Atlanta, I delivered the first of many Consulting Workshops for partners of Sage North America. Here is what one participant, Fred Wright had to say about the experience:


If you are a Sage partner and interested in attending one of these upcoming events, you can register by going to Select the Build Knowledge tab, and then Academies and Boot Camps. You can also go to

Current dates include:

  • January 26 in Tampa, FL
  • February 9 in Austin, TX
  • February 16 in Phoenix, AZ
  • March 9 in Irvine, CA
  • March 23 in Herndon, VA
  • April 6 in New York City
  • April 20 in Boston, MA

Report on ITA General Session – WOW – That’s a great idea

This is the sixth and last in a series of postings about my thoughts from sessions that I attended at the Information Technology Alliance’s Fall Collaborative (<-I love that word) held in Palm Springs.

Delivered by five partners, four of them Sage partners. Wows included:

  • David Cieslak of Arxis – Solid state drives can breathe new life into old laptops. I can state from personal experience this is very true!
  • Jeff Roth of SWK made their part-time HR director a chargeable resource. Customers love it.
  • Steve Krueger of Business Technology Systems created and executed a referral plan to accounting firms and did lunch and learn and technology updates.
  • Lissa Johnssen of Net@work sold her business. No more headaches and she loves working for another company.
  • Chris Faist – Started selling cloud services to customers.
  • Clark Haley moved BCS/Prosoft’s Web site to WordPress. For details visit his post on this transition.

Sage Summit Sessions

A few Sage business partners have inquired as to what sessions I am doing at the upcoming Sage Summit customer conference in Atlanta next week.

Without further ado, here they are:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

GEN02 – Altruism, Profit, and the Basics of the 7S Model

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

GEN03 – Creating Shared Vision

2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

GEN04 Creating Strategy in a Small Business


Wednesday, November 11, 2009



8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

GEN05 – Initiating Projects in a Small Business or Small Team

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

GEN06 – Building Community: A New Paradigm

2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

GEN07 – Fundamentals of Strategic Pricing


It would be my honor to meet your customers, so bring them by if you can.

ScreenR Is a Game Changer

Remember Lotus ScreenCam? I do and I recall it being a big deal to do them. Yesterday, I came across ScreenR, a social media tool that I think is a game changer.

Below is the first one I created as a test. In it I demonstrate how to create a new group in Facebook.

ScreenR allows you to create screen shot movies with audio and immediately post the to Twitter and the Web where they can be embedded into a blog post or sent along in an email. The service also allows you to download them movies as mp4 files for the iPod and send them to your youtube channel. It does all this for free and with zero downloaded software. It is all a web service.

To me this could change technical support in a way that remote control software and service has not. Think about it you can have your customers make a movie of their problem which they send to you. You can then create a screen movie of the solution, combine the two together with some free video editing software and publish the whole thing back on your youtube channel where you can send any customer that might have this situation in the future.

Update: Below is the ScreenR presentation I did creating this post. However, this time I am posting the embed source from youtube.

Update 2: Clearly I was wrong on this one. It is not the first time.

Virtual Seminar: Basics of Project Management

I will delivering a seminar on Second Life on the Basics of Project Management through the Maryland Association of CPAs on Friday, July 17, 2009 ay 1pm ET.


This course is designed as an introduction to project management for individuals who are involved with projects (customer engagements) but have no formal project management training.


Help the participants gain some basic project management skills

Major Topics:

  • The difference between goals and objectives
  • Three foundational assumptions of every project
  • The triangle of truth
  • A basic understanding of risks
  • The change request

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved on projects (customer engagements)



If you plan on attending, please register and make sure you have created your Second Life avatar in advance.

Follow up – The Last Roundup: So what and who cares?

Thanks to all of you who participated in the session at Insights entitled The Last Roundup: So what and who cares?

Those of you who were there remember I asked you to submit one objective you plan to execute on as an outcome of Insights 2009. The table below displays the initials of the person (I), their objective, the estimate completion date (ECD) and the actual completion date (ACD).

For those of you who gave me more than one I only posted your first listed objective. If you did not give me an estimated completion date, I took the liberty of assigning one to you.





AO Get on Twitter 5/31/09  
JS Build an online customer community 6/15/09  
AS Create a marketing calendar 6/15/09  
EB Create a written set of objectives that are communicated to all employees 8/31/09  
KJ Implement a project plan for Act! 7/1/09  
KO Improve referral program 8/31/09  
LR Increase our centers of influence by 50% 9/1/09  
AT Renew our value proposition and post it in the office 6/30/09  
WG Employee satisfaction survey 6/15/09  
BT Create a referral marketing system 6/30/09  
SC Redo website navigation 9/30/09  
SM Have issues and objectives for all projects, both internal and client-based 8/1/09  
JK Corporate Facebook Page 5/31/09  
TD Social networking 6/30/09  
SR Stop being motivated by fear 6/30/09  
JC Get on social media sites 7/31/09  
EK This post 5/22/09 5/21/09
EK Get some face time with my new boss 6/30/09  


Please email me when you have completed your objective and I will update the post.

My Insights Sessions

Here are the sessions that I am facilitating or on a panel. Please note the the 4pm session on Tuesday is only open to folks who have already attended Value Pricing (now Pricing with Purpose) Boot Camp.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
11:00 AM Governor’s B GEN12 – Issues List Management (or How to Replace Time Sheets With Something That Actually Matters to Your Customers)
2:15 PM Governor’s C GEN16 – Building Community: A New Paradigm
4:00 PM Bayou B GEN23 – For Value Pricing Boot Camp Alumni Only
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
8:15 AM Canal E GEN25 – Around Your Business in 60 Minutes
9:30 AM Governor’s C GEN28 – The Two A’s of Consulting: Authenticity and Altruism

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1:30 PM Presidential C&E GEN34 – Moving Toward the Firm of the Future
3:15 PM Presidential C&E GEN37 – The Last Roundup: So What and Who Cares?

Insights Session – The Last Roundup

At Sage’s partner conference, Insights, I will be presenting a session entitled The Last Roundup (GEN37) on Thursday, May 14 at 3:15pm.

In order to begin the conversation even before the conference begins, I am posting the abstract and inviting all possible participants to share their ideas and questions.

In this last session of the conference, join Ed Kless in a no-holds-barred look back of what you learned at the Conference and what your intentions are when you get back to the office. Be prepared to submit at least on item for which the rest of the group will hold you accountable.

The idea for this session is simple, we will do a quick after action review of our own individual performances at Insights. We will ask ourselves:

  • What did you hope to gain from participating at Insights 2009?
  • What did you bring to the dialogue?
  • When were you the most anxious or fearful?
  • When were you the most inspired or joyous?
  • What do you learn about yourself?
  • What is the one thing you plan on implementing in the next 90 days?

We will then hold each other accountable for the completion of this one item. In 90 days we will agree to get on a call and say whether we succeeded or failed. We will honor the commitment.

Also, please post thoughts, questions, comments below.

Insights Session – Building Community: A New Paradigm

At Sage’s partner conference, Insights, I will be presenting a session entitled Building Community (GEN16)  on Tuesday, May 12th at 2:15pm.

In order to begin the conversation even before the conference begins, I am posting the abstract and inviting all possible participants to share their ideas and questions.

This session will be dedicated to the possibility that we can create deep meaningful communities among all the stakeholders in our businesses – customers, employees, vendors, et al. Creating such communities is hard work and not for everyone. It requires us to think differently than we have in the past. What has to change is not external. We are the ones who must change. You are hereby invited to open a dialogue on a new model for building community by Ed Kless and business partner Joe Santoro who will co-facilitate this session

The applications of the ideas to be presented in the session are endless, however, you need to be a conceptual thinker.

This is a heady topic, but necessary if we hope to improve both ourselves and society. In order to prepare for our dialogue, I would recommend reading Peter Block’s Community: The structure of belonging. If you cannot read the whole book, please read the chapter headings in italics.

Also, please post thoughts, questions, comments below.