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One for Free

My wife, Christine, and I have recently become devotees of the AMC Original Series, Mad Men. For those of you not familiar the shows follows the personal and business life of a Madison Avenue creative who goes by the name of Don Draper in the early 1960s. Small spoiler alert if you are planning to […]

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For the 107th time – Price is NOT based on cost!

Hat tip to my buddy Jason for sending this along to me. This graph originally posted on ReflectionOf.me blog and reposted on The Consumerist and others, once again demonstrates that price is not based on cost. Interestingly enough, most of the comments are railing against Hewlett Packard. Give me a break! You basically get the […]

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What a WEEK in Pricing!

It has been an interesting week in the world of pricing. In case you have not heard, Chris Anderson of Wired is set to release his new book Free (the title, not the price), and before it even comes out stirs up a controversy. Surprisingly, the book does not seem to be available on Kindle. […]

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