Well Done Hilton Vancouver!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may recall that I complained a few weeks ago when the Hilton Vancouver Airport did not have wireless Internet access available in my sleeping room.

In what was a key moment of truth, the Hilton turned the bad situation into a great customer experience.

Upon returning to my room after teaching all day, the following note was slipped under my door:


And, on my desk sat this:


Well done!

One for Free

My wife, Christine, and I have recently become devotees of the AMC Original Series, Mad Men. For those of you not familiar the shows follows the personal and business life of a Madison Avenue creative who goes by the name of Don Draper in the early 1960s.

Small spoiler alert if you are planning to watch the show!

In Season 3, Don happens upon an elderly gentleman in the back unused bar of a country club named Connie. It turns out, he is Conrad Hilton. In this later scene, Hilton asks Don for his opinion on a new ad campaign. What follows is a terrific lesson on providing a free sample without giving away too much.