Creating a Service Level Agreements

Creating an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is by far the most frequent topic of conversation I have with partners of Sage. I recently came across an mp3 file I recorded while in Sydney, Australia delivering the service level agreement section from Customer Boot Camp, so I have decided to post it.

Please note it is not the best quality recording, but I think you will be able to understand most of it.

If you have any further thoughts or question, please feel free to post them as comments.

UPDATE: As of June 2010, I refer to these as Access Level Agreements not Service Level. I admit I was wrong. Sorry!

Pricing is not pretty

Setting price is more art than science. It is often times messy business, but it is always an incredible exercise in creativity.

This video is presented tongue in check, but as those of you who have set price using pricing on purpose will see, it sure feels like this sometimes.