ScreenR Is a Game Changer

Remember Lotus ScreenCam? I do and I recall it being a big deal to do them. Yesterday, I came across ScreenR, a social media tool that I think is a game changer.

Below is the first one I created as a test. In it I demonstrate how to create a new group in Facebook.

ScreenR allows you to create screen shot movies with audio and immediately post the to Twitter and the Web where they can be embedded into a blog post or sent along in an email. The service also allows you to download them movies as mp4 files for the iPod and send them to your youtube channel. It does all this for free and with zero downloaded software. It is all a web service.

To me this could change technical support in a way that remote control software and service has not. Think about it you can have your customers make a movie of their problem which they send to you. You can then create a screen movie of the solution, combine the two together with some free video editing software and publish the whole thing back on your youtube channel where you can send any customer that might have this situation in the future.

Update: Below is the ScreenR presentation I did creating this post. However, this time I am posting the embed source from youtube.

Update 2: Clearly I was wrong on this one. It is not the first time.