“Being You” as a job description

As a Met fan I received a brief human interest story in my RSS reader about former Met great Rusty Staub. The gist of the story was about some of the younger players being cut and that Rusty only experienced that once in his career as a 17-year old with the then Houston Colt 45s.

There was, however, this great line, “He [Staub] still works for the Mets, with his job description ‘Being Rusty Staub.’ No one else handles that assignment quite so well.”

I really think we should all subscribe to a similar job description. It sets a bar for us to be self-differentiated and confident in our own skin.

I might just order some business cards with “Being Ed Kless” as my title.

Insights Session – Consulting and the Crisis of Self-esteem

Building Self-Esteem (or, Why Are You Worth Feeding?)On Wednesday, May 19th at 9:15am at Sage North America’s annual partner conference, Insights, I will be presenting a session entitled Consulting and the Crisis of Self-esteem (GEN53).

This session will be dedicated to the possibility that a professional can increase his or her self-esteem through a better understanding of what consulting really is. Improving one’s self-esteem is difficult because it requires us to think at a high level of introspection. You are hereby invited to open a dialogue on a different model for creating success in a professional firm.

I intend for this session to be interactive. I have about 20 minutes of material and would then like to have a conversation with you about the ideas presented and maybe even brainstorm some possible action items we can take once we get back home after the conference.

Perhaps this video from Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting will spur some thinking ahead of time. I bet many of you have seen it.


For those of you who plan on attending the session, please comment below with any thoughts or questions that you would especially like me to address during our time together.