I have asked the channel to ping their existing customers about a discount on training. Say what!

My colleague Diana Waterman asked me this week for my list of least favorite jargon used in business. I quickly came up with five, they are:

  1. Existing customer – as opposed to a, what, non-existing customer, the term should be current customer or just customer.
  2. Discount – when we really mean preferred price or promotional price.
  3. Channel – sorry I just don’t like the term when referring to people.
  4. Training – when we mean education. Horses and dogs are trained, people are educated.
  5. Ping – when used to mean “get in touch with.” I am not an IP address, I would prefer not to be pinged, thanks.

I asked Diana and she graciously allowed my to post her top five as well. They are:

  1. Dialogue – when referring to a conversation. (OK, I am guilty on this one. In all fairness I do try to explain the term.)
  2. Spearhead – when used as a verb meaning to take the lead on on a particular project.
  3. Incentivize – meaning to create an incentive for. PS – incent is not a word either.
  4. Interface – as in have a conversation. Again, this is one of those computer terms that is degrading to use when talking about people.
  5. Socialize  – when speaking about an idea and meaning to talk about it with others.

Please share your list with us. You do not have to have five, but I ask that you limit yourself to five.