Ed’s List

The following is a list of IT (information technology) related professional knowledge firms. To be on this list the firm must:

  • Offer only fixed price agreements and not bill by the time unit.
  • Have eliminated timesheets for all professionals.
  • Offer a service guarantee.

The List

  1. aimINSIGHT Solutions, Inc.
  2. Aries Technology Group
  3. Asyma Systems
  4. Azamba Consulting
  5. B&B Consulting Services, Inc.
  6. Corbett, Duncan & Hubley PC
  7. Intelligence Consulting
  8. Interaction Versa Inc.
  9. JCC Consulting Group, LLC
  10. KK Consulting Incorporated
  11. MightyData
  12. Monkeys Amok Software Consulting
  13. NP Solutions
  14. Planet Earth Projects, Inc.
  15. Plus Computer Solutions
  16. RBP Methods
  17. Resolv
  18. Schulz Consulting
  19. Simply Made Simple
  20. Smart e-Solutions
  21. SmartBridge Partners
  22. Synergy Plus Solutions
  23. TGO Consulting
  24. WAC – Florida Office

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